Pink Lady ” Women of Action” Event November 17th, 2013

Pink Lady

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.” WINSTON CHURCHILL

The Israel Cancer Research Fund and the Pink Lady Fund invite you to support their 8th annual “Women of Action” brunch on Sunday, November 17th 2013. The keynote speaker will be Suzanne Somers, actress, author, singer & business woman.  Our honourees this year are Olga Munari Assaly,  inspirationalist & contributionalist, Author of “The Joy of Cancer”, A Journey of Self-Discovery, Christiane Germain, entrepreneur, hotelier & innovator and Monette Malewski, to thrive with compassion, passion & style. All three women truly fulfill our criteria as Women of Action.


November 17th 2013 Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue

425 Avenue Metcalfe, Westmount, QC H3Y 2Z5

Please send me an email for a ticket and Information

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Inspiring Opening Speech, Week end to end Women’s Cancer 2013

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Win The Joy of Cancer on Goodreads!

It has been half a year since I published The Joy of Cancer, and to celebrate I am giving away a copy of my book on Goodreads. Be sure to friend or fan me after you enter — I look … Continue reading

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The importance of getting support from friends. How can it help when you are thrown into a situation that you can’t control?

My daugther Laurie and her Friend Catherine Supporting me through my 60k walk...

My daugther Laurie and her Friend Catherine Supporting me through my 60k walk…

When I feel that I am presented with a situation that is outside of my control – I talk to myself. I ask myself questions or say things to myself that will help me see how I can manage it or make it better. I tell myself that things will be ok and I look for the positive aspect of the experience as well as the positive outcomes that can or will come from the experience. That is what i did when I was diagnosed with cancer.

I also chose to share my diagnosis with my family, my friends and the people in my community. It became a public announcement as my story was circulated in the local papers and on the local radio.

The feeling of having someone there for us when we feel down, or when we need to talk is an amazing feeling. We feel valued, loved, and appreciated. These feelings help us to stay inspired. That is what I had throughout my cancer. I reached out and I engaged the people around me throughout my experience. I made them part of my journey.

Essentially, I felt that if I told my friends that I had cancer, if I shared my journey with them; I would get the support that I needed. Because I engaged with them daily, they did the same. I kept them updated on the ins and outs of my treatment and of my accomplishments.

As a result of these interactions I knew that emails would be waiting for me when I would come back from a treatment. I knew the phone would ring with friends calling to check in. I appreciated the meals, baked goods and other thoughtful gestures that was extended to me with each milestone I crossed. They reached out to me because I reached out to them.

In turn, I felt that with so many people caring about me, I had to show up. I created my own strategy for accountability: I had to show them that I was ok; I could not let down all of these people who were rooting for me. It fueled me to keep a positive attitude and this was easy because of the support that they were providing me. I had to fight for them because they were betting on me. They inspired me to be brave.They inspired me to greater acts of good and in turn, I inspired them with each milestone crossed.

Essentially, by enlisting so many supporters I set myself up for success. Never underestimate the power of accountability and the love and support of others. It helped me move mountains.

This year I am bringing back the Team that my daughter, her  friend and many more supported me.The Olga’s Butterflies “Survivor” team is back.

Check the link below to give your support.


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How was I able to stay positive and focus on the good with a diagnosed like Cancer!!

Jeremy and mommy!!

Jeremy and mommy!!

When tremendous challenges come their way, people either see themselves as victims or, they refuse to be a victim, but rather want see themselves as winners who have overcome in spite of.

Attitude has a very profound effect on our lives. I’m an optimist, always seeking to see the bright side of experiences. I never said, “Why do I have cancer?” Instead, what I said was, “There must be a reason why I developed cancer and I am going to discover why.”

From a young age I this was one of my character traits. Being diagnosed with cancer was no different. I saw cancer through the same lens. My attitude only became stronger and more positive in the face of this heftier challenge. They gave me a lemon and I made lemonade as they say. Now, I truly understand the meaning of that phrase.

When the doctor told me that I needed to have surgery, the first thing I said was, “Ok when? Let’s do this!” The way I saw it was: the faster the surgery was done, the faster I would be rid of cancer and the faster I could move on to other things.

My children, kept me going. The frightened look on their faces only served to strengthen my resolve. I felt, as a mother, I had no other choice but to become stronger. I wanted to live for them. I wanted to be there for them. And my family, as well as all my friends that where there for me gave me the courage and strength to be so determined. I focused on what I was going to have after my cancer: a better life, a stronger spirit and more opportunities.

To be happy, means being optimistic, positive, and grateful.
People have a tendency of looking at their problems, as just that, problems. They look for the trouble instead of looking for the solution, or, the purpose that comes with the problem. Cancer, or sickness, is no different.

People have asked me, “If the doctor would have told you that you only had 6 months to live would you have done the same things?” My answer is always, “Of course! Knowing that I would have so little time to live I may have been even more positive, wanting to squeeze every single delicious drop out of life.”

I feel that to live a healthy life, it is best to see things with the glass half full. When we look around us, there is always worse. When you have this awareness, your problems actually start looking really good.

At the end of the day, you choose your happiness. You choose to be happy or sad, positive or negative. You have to fight for what you want.

Stay positive and be happy, you will see life in a better way!

Love, Olga

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How did “The Joy of Cancer” come to life…


Cancer patients are often said to be cured after the five  year remission period. After I reached this milestone, I joyfully posted on Facebook about how I could finally call my self a survivor, having been in remission for five years now. Vered, a old friend of mine responded it immediately by asking, “Where is your book?”

As I explained to her that, although I had kept a detailled journal of my experience, and was willing to share my story with all who would listen, I lacked the skills that would allow me to write a book – she interjected, “Olga, I have the perfect person for you.”

“Who, you?!” I said as a joke.

“No, not me,” she replied, “but a friend I just met a few months ago. She’s a writer and a blogger. She’s hasn’t written a book yet, but I believe that she is the perfect match for you.”

That same week Vered invited us both to her Saturday morning Zumba class so that Kim and I could get introduced. After class the three of us stuck around to grab some lunch at a nearby restaurant. As we ate, I recounted my story, some moments marked by tears, both Kim’s and mine. Turns out, Kim had just lost her best friend to breast cancer just a few months prior. The magic of our connection was surreal. Other details that connected us only increased the serendipity in the crossing of our paths. I felt that she was the right person to write my book; I knew that she would understand me and would not judge me.

After almost 1 years in half in the making, Kim and I turned The Joy of Cancer into a reality; our first book was launched and my dream finally came to fruition. I now was able to help others in a more open way.

The rest is history as we say.

Love, Olga

This is the walk I am doing to raise more money for the cause

Get book here

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Who am I ? , where have I been?,

Olga Munari Assaly

Olga Munari Assaly

        Well as most of you know by now,my name is Olga Munari Assaly. I was born in Montreal, Québec on December 3rd, 1963.  My dad is Italian and my mom is Canadian. I come from a family of 3, my brother Mario is 2 years older and my sister Anna is 10 years younger.I  grew up in a small town called Outremont and my mother tongue is French. Learned English as I grew up in school with friends.

After my school years, I worked in retail.  I adored it, leaving and breathing it until the very end. The buying aspect of it invigorated me, and I cherished the camaraderie I had with my clients.

I have always loved people but yet was very shy. Being buyer and a supervisor helped me overcome my shyness.

As a child, I enjoyed being active. I loved figured skating, playing hockey with my brother, and going on bike rides to the park. I was one of those rare individuals who really enjoyed school. I always wanted to be a teacher. Today, I like to volunteer at my children’s school  (not quite like being a teacher but still within the realm of giving back).

Still as active now as I was then, as an adult, I enjoy exercising, dancing, waterskiing, scuba diving, cooking and I love to entertain. These are my hobbies. Our family loves traveling and I am fortunate enough that I am able to travel at will. We have been to Italy, Africa, Barbados, Arizona, West Coast, Mexico, Las Vegas and many islands from going on cruise ships. Going to Barbados, to my home away from home, is where I relax and rejuvenate. I also love to volunteer. It is another one of my hobbies I would say , the best hobby as I am helping others  I love to fundraise and organize events. Little bit of an organized freek… some think that I can be a bit OCD!!!

After my cancer treatments were done, I had to get back into shape, get strong and healthy again. Once I accomplished this for myself I decided to take a course in order to help others get back into shape. I am now a certified personal trainer with a nutrition certification. After have completed those courses and putting what I learned into practice, I still felt that I wanted to do more to help others. Cancer had exposed me to public speaking, which is my new passion. I have always had a passion for teaching. I taught figure skating at a young age.  So I’ve married my passion for public speaking with my love of helping others and  am privileged to be moving about the world speaking and inspiring others that are going through cancer.

In a nutshell, if it can be helpful to others – sign me up!

Love, Olga

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Personal Page on Faecebook!!!

Please come and share my personal page and press “Like” if you do. 

thank you !

Happy Joyful day!

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Interview on Global Morning News… The Joy Of Cancer

Author of The Joy of Cancer
All proceed goes to :
Olga Assaly’s Butterfly Celebrating Life Fund for the Breast Centre or
Olga’s Butterfly Fund

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My Inspiration for “The Joy of Cancer”


 What was your inspiration and motivation for writing

The Joy of Cancer

 Had someone told me six years ago, when I was in the thick of cancer treatments, that I was going to publish a book about cancer and my own personal experience, I would not have believed it. But here I am, six years later, and The Joy of Cancer: A Journey of Self-Discovery (a collaborative memoir of my journey through breast cancer) has been released into the world.

 People write books for different reasons. Moving through cancer, I learned a lot about myself and about life. From having lived this experience, I believe that I was born to help others; to teach, inspire and motivate people. Above all, to make a valuable contribution to the lives of the people I encounter. I wrote the Joy of Cancer because I wanted to share the joy that I discovered along my path. The joy that comes from learning, being open to opportunity, and embracing challenges.  The most important thing I want to share is that cancer is not always a death sentence. The attitude you adopt towards cancer, and towards anything really, is what makes or breaks the experience. The outlook you choose will do wonders for how you experience not just cancer, but your day-to-day life as well. This book is for everyone that is going through a rough time. Not only do I want to share my experience, I also want to inspire others that are going through their own personal difficulties. One of the main messages of the book is that you can accomplish almost anything you want to when you put your mind to it. “Mind over matter,” as I often say. I learned this during my most challenging time, right after the cancer treatments were completed and I was battling the negative side affects of Tamoxifen. I want to spread the word that even when battling a life threatening disease, you can still enjoy your life. There is joy to be found in your family, and your friends; and also that reaching out to help others is very rewarding and life giving. Giving back is so gratifying for me and I want to express that so that others who are experiencing difficulty can learn about the joy of helping others. Writing this book allowed me to continue to spread my wings. It helped me, and continues to help me to reach more people, to give back to the world by supporting these people. It’s helped me to help others that have been diagnosed realize that they are not the only ones battling cancer and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The joy of helping feeds my inner strength and keeps me going. If just one person reads this book and gets something of value from it, then my journey through cancer is well worth it. Happy Joyful Reading! Get your copy here.

Love, Olga

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