Five Years Cancer-Free!

This weekend, I celebrated five years of being cancer-free with 180 of my friends and family. I am still touched and moved by their presence on Saturday evening. The energy that was in that room was just amazing. It took each and every one of them to make the evening possible and such a success, just as they all helped make my journey through cancer such a wonderful, life-changing experience.

I wish you a great Holiday Season

Lots of Health in your future

Long life to everyone!


About Olga

Make this place a better word. Be kind to one and other. Help others and make a difference in peoples lives.
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1 Response to Five Years Cancer-Free!

  1. Anna Munari Pepper says:

    Thank you so much my lovely sister for this wonderful evening,…… love you from my hart I wish you all the health possible for the rest of your life!

    Anna xxxx

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