“Déjà Vue”


Today is where I sit back and remember that day of my diagnosed…. sitting in my kitchen , looking outside the window and thinking that cancer would be an obstacle for me, that it would be like having to walk with crutches. Looking at the big picture today, Cancer is a reminder of Courage, Strength, Hope most of all, accomplishments. I am sitting here today with a broken toe right toe, and “aircast” on my foot and feels like “Déjà Vue”… Feels like I need to slow down once more time, feel like I have to listen to my body. Saying to myself…

I got this broken toe for a reason , because may be I NEED to slow down, Need to take a step back and once again look at the big picture, Need the strength, courage to find a way to accomplish what I need to accomplish every day for my daily routine. No more runs for now. I was just getting back into it, was running once more in Barbados with the fresh air of the Ocean.For some people having a broken toe can be very upsetting. ( Not really happy about it…) but I can’t really do anything about it, getting upset or trying to figure out why this happened to me wont take it away.It is using negative energy and not focusing on the positive aspect, Certain things take time to heal.

I realized that just like Cancer a broken toe is not somehting that people want in their life, but I also understand that YOU can’t change what is really given to you , you can’t change what you have no control on. But you can make it better with a positive attitude , a better way of looking at the global picture.

Just like my cancer, I had no control off,”… Think about ways to make things better in any situations that you are not happy with.

What you can change , is your attitude and the way your thinking to make it better every single day of your life !!!

And that is “Déjà Vue” for me.

Keep a strong attitude, find your courage when you think there is no hope, search for your weakness to reach out for your strength.

About Olga

Make this place a better word. Be kind to one and other. Help others and make a difference in peoples lives.
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3 Responses to “Déjà Vue”

  1. nancy assaly says:

    Hi Olga,

    Your so right Olga.

    Keep up the good work,


    Mom xxx

  2. Joanne says:

    Hi Olga, when I received your email this am I went straight to your sites and have read almost everything in them! I have been overwhelmed by your gracious words, commitment and strength. I sincerely believe that you will change a lot of people’s lives and help us all understand ourselves a little better. CONGRATULATIONS on the successful launch of your book….I have just ordered some copies for me, my family and friends…Can’t wait to read it….I feel honoured that you have come into my life and I look forward to strengthening our friendship….THANK YOU…..Joanne

    • Olga says:

      Hi Joanne

      It was so nice chatting with you over the phone . Thank you so much for your kind words and for ordering some copies of The Joy of Cancer, Happy reading and really looking forward to see you soon . Let me know how you enjoy the book . Please can you post a comment wants u read it on Amazon.
      Much love
      Olga xoxo

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