Looking Back…Reach for your Dreams

Some people say , don’t look back , just look ahead. For me looking back makes me stronger and appreciate what I have today. I gain confidence, courage and learned from every experience I had. Cancer made me realize that , there is life after Cancer as well as it is NOT always a death sentence.A positive attitude may not always solve your problems, but it will make it easier to deal with the problem and will help you to deal with any issue you have.I believe that one of the biggest disability in life is a “bad attitude”.

Looking back a year in half ago, I never thought that my book would come to fruition, with some hard work and a great  writer, Kim Mecca my dream comes true. Keeping a positive attitude and believing that I can do this,  “The Joy of Cancer” A Journey of Self-Discovery, will be out on a book shelf at Chapter’s in just a few weeks or so.

I am having a talk about my book at the Kirkland Library.

About Olga

Make this place a better word. Be kind to one and other. Help others and make a difference in peoples lives.
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4 Responses to Looking Back…Reach for your Dreams

  1. Nancy Assaly says:

    Dearest Olga,

    I am so proud of you. You have accomplished so much. i’m looking forward to reading your book and I’ll see you at Kirkland.

    All my love,

    Mom xxxx

  2. joanne assaly says:

    Hi Olga,

    Congratulations! You are an amazing person and can’t wait to see the book.
    Love Joanne xxoo

  3. Julie Assaly says:

    My dear friend and sister-in-law,

    Your message rings true for me and I can never hear it enough. Thanks for your enthusiasm and life force that gives me hope and love. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I cheer you on as always. Much love

    Jules xoxo

  4. Susan Hajaly says:

    Congratulations Olga! What a beautiful accomplishment!

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