The First Step of …How I find “Joy” in my cancer…

Unfortunately we have little control what life will give us, what life will throw at us as sickness, break-up or loss of a dear one. The only control you have is to Accept it, accepting is part of loving your life ,one can say, even if you are diagnosed with cancer. You can only recover or go forward from any situation, if you accept the condition you are in. By not shutting your eyes on life and not running away from it, you will grow , will get stronger , you will learn very quickly that you have an inner strength that you never thought you had to deal with any situation, that of course is ONLY if YOU accept YOUR situation. Being flexible and not resisting the situation makes it easier.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, there was nothing that I could have done to change the result, the first thing, that I thought, I would do in order for me to make this journey as joyful as can be, would be to accept my cancer no matter what the end result would , to make those difficult days into happier ones and going with the flow, to learn that I had that inner strength that I didn’t know about!

Accepting is the first step of overcoming the consequences of that diagnosed. Start believing in yourself that you can do it. Your energy is then going where it should be going, Positive energy brings positive outcome. Being positive wont change the situation , but it will certainly make it, a better journey!!!

It takes some self-Discipline to do that, not always easy depending on the situation.

Appreciate and accept what you have ,make the best of each day, cherish them, love them , because they are worst situation out there if you look around..Dont see yourself as a victim.

Accept, and you will see changes and changes will give you opportutnies to grow  !!!

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Make this place a better word. Be kind to one and other. Help others and make a difference in peoples lives.
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