How did “The Joy of Cancer” come to life…


Cancer patients are often said to be cured after the five  year remission period. After I reached this milestone, I joyfully posted on Facebook about how I could finally call my self a survivor, having been in remission for five years now. Vered, a old friend of mine responded it immediately by asking, “Where is your book?”

As I explained to her that, although I had kept a detailled journal of my experience, and was willing to share my story with all who would listen, I lacked the skills that would allow me to write a book – she interjected, “Olga, I have the perfect person for you.”

“Who, you?!” I said as a joke.

“No, not me,” she replied, “but a friend I just met a few months ago. She’s a writer and a blogger. She’s hasn’t written a book yet, but I believe that she is the perfect match for you.”

That same week Vered invited us both to her Saturday morning Zumba class so that Kim and I could get introduced. After class the three of us stuck around to grab some lunch at a nearby restaurant. As we ate, I recounted my story, some moments marked by tears, both Kim’s and mine. Turns out, Kim had just lost her best friend to breast cancer just a few months prior. The magic of our connection was surreal. Other details that connected us only increased the serendipity in the crossing of our paths. I felt that she was the right person to write my book; I knew that she would understand me and would not judge me.

After almost 1 years in half in the making, Kim and I turned The Joy of Cancer into a reality; our first book was launched and my dream finally came to fruition. I now was able to help others in a more open way.

The rest is history as we say.

Love, Olga

This is the walk I am doing to raise more money for the cause

Get book here

About Olga

Make this place a better word. Be kind to one and other. Help others and make a difference in peoples lives.
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