The importance of getting support from friends. How can it help when you are thrown into a situation that you can’t control?

My daugther Laurie and her Friend Catherine Supporting me through my 60k walk...

My daugther Laurie and her Friend Catherine Supporting me through my 60k walk…

When I feel that I am presented with a situation that is outside of my control – I talk to myself. I ask myself questions or say things to myself that will help me see how I can manage it or make it better. I tell myself that things will be ok and I look for the positive aspect of the experience as well as the positive outcomes that can or will come from the experience. That is what i did when I was diagnosed with cancer.

I also chose to share my diagnosis with my family, my friends and the people in my community. It became a public announcement as my story was circulated in the local papers and on the local radio.

The feeling of having someone there for us when we feel down, or when we need to talk is an amazing feeling. We feel valued, loved, and appreciated. These feelings help us to stay inspired. That is what I had throughout my cancer. I reached out and I engaged the people around me throughout my experience. I made them part of my journey.

Essentially, I felt that if I told my friends that I had cancer, if I shared my journey with them; I would get the support that I needed. Because I engaged with them daily, they did the same. I kept them updated on the ins and outs of my treatment and of my accomplishments.

As a result of these interactions I knew that emails would be waiting for me when I would come back from a treatment. I knew the phone would ring with friends calling to check in. I appreciated the meals, baked goods and other thoughtful gestures that was extended to me with each milestone I crossed. They reached out to me because I reached out to them.

In turn, I felt that with so many people caring about me, I had to show up. I created my own strategy for accountability: I had to show them that I was ok; I could not let down all of these people who were rooting for me. It fueled me to keep a positive attitude and this was easy because of the support that they were providing me. I had to fight for them because they were betting on me. They inspired me to be brave.They inspired me to greater acts of good and in turn, I inspired them with each milestone crossed.

Essentially, by enlisting so many supporters I set myself up for success. Never underestimate the power of accountability and the love and support of others. It helped me move mountains.

This year I am bringing back the Team that my daughter, her  friend and many more supported me.The Olga’s Butterflies “Survivor” team is back.

Check the link below to give your support.


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