Book is in the Store!!! Come and meet the Authors at Chapters.

This is so exciting !!!

“The Joy of Cancer” as arrived….is now on the shelf, with many other books…

Kim and I AuthorsCome and meet the authors Kim Mecca and Olga Munari Assaly at Chapter book store for a book signing day!!! You can come and ask any question about the book ! Bring a friend if you wish.

Day: Sunday February 3rd 2013 ,                  
Time: from: 1:00-4:00pm.                                                                                    
Location:  Chapter/Indigo                                                                                                                                                                                           6321, autoroute Transcanadienne,                                               
Pointe-Claire, Quebec                                                                                      
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The First Step of …How I find “Joy” in my cancer…

Unfortunately we have little control what life will give us, what life will throw at us as sickness, break-up or loss of a dear one. The only control you have is to Accept it, accepting is part of loving your life ,one can say, even if you are diagnosed with cancer. You can only recover or go forward from any situation, if you accept the condition you are in. By not shutting your eyes on life and not running away from it, you will grow , will get stronger , you will learn very quickly that you have an inner strength that you never thought you had to deal with any situation, that of course is ONLY if YOU accept YOUR situation. Being flexible and not resisting the situation makes it easier.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, there was nothing that I could have done to change the result, the first thing, that I thought, I would do in order for me to make this journey as joyful as can be, would be to accept my cancer no matter what the end result would , to make those difficult days into happier ones and going with the flow, to learn that I had that inner strength that I didn’t know about!

Accepting is the first step of overcoming the consequences of that diagnosed. Start believing in yourself that you can do it. Your energy is then going where it should be going, Positive energy brings positive outcome. Being positive wont change the situation , but it will certainly make it, a better journey!!!

It takes some self-Discipline to do that, not always easy depending on the situation.

Appreciate and accept what you have ,make the best of each day, cherish them, love them , because they are worst situation out there if you look around..Dont see yourself as a victim.

Accept, and you will see changes and changes will give you opportutnies to grow  !!!

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The Joy of Cancer ” A Journey of Self-Discovery” is now available…

Book is NOW available on…. from it will take few more days… I will have the first copy in just 5 to 7 days… If you wish to reserve a copy ,you may do so at Chapter in a few weeks, or send me an email at ; to reserve your copies

Hardcovers and soft covers are now available.
E-book coming soon…
I have 5 location for book signings coming up …. Location and dates will be up in just a few days.:)

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The Joy of Cancer “A Journey of Self-Discovery” My first talk.

Click on the picture to listen!

This is one of the Praise from The Joy of Cancer…

The Joy of Cancer is a deeply inspiring story of empowerment and personal transformation. Even when faced with one of the greatest adversaries known to man, the deadly disease of cancer, Olga reminds us that we have the power to choose how we respond. If illness is an invitation from the body to change,The Joy of Cancer shows us how to transform: with faith, openness, trust, determination, perseverance and a positive outlook. I am certain this book will provide that much-needed light in what can be  a lonely and terrifying dark time for those diagnosed with any serious illness.

-Maria Amore

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Preliminary Talk for the “The Joy of Cancer” A journey of Self-Discovery …. SOLD OUT!!!

We have been waiting for over a year in half for this day…

“The Joy of Cancer” A Journey of Self-Discovery will be out in just 3 weeks time.
Tuesday I will be giving a talk at the Kirkland Library, (sold out) . Really looking forward to my first book signing.

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Looking Back…Reach for your Dreams

Some people say , don’t look back , just look ahead. For me looking back makes me stronger and appreciate what I have today. I gain confidence, courage and learned from every experience I had. Cancer made me realize that , there is life after Cancer as well as it is NOT always a death sentence.A positive attitude may not always solve your problems, but it will make it easier to deal with the problem and will help you to deal with any issue you have.I believe that one of the biggest disability in life is a “bad attitude”.

Looking back a year in half ago, I never thought that my book would come to fruition, with some hard work and a great  writer, Kim Mecca my dream comes true. Keeping a positive attitude and believing that I can do this,  “The Joy of Cancer” A Journey of Self-Discovery, will be out on a book shelf at Chapter’s in just a few weeks or so.

I am having a talk about my book at the Kirkland Library.

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“Déjà Vue”

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Today is where I sit back and remember that day of my diagnosed…. sitting in my kitchen , looking outside the window and thinking that cancer would be an obstacle for me, that it would be like having to walk … Continue reading

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Appreciating what you HAD…

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Wow! Once again I learned to appreciated what god has given me. From my cancer to my new life. Just came back last night from beautiful Barbados, there where some rowers that just rowed the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands all … Continue reading

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I still remember…

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I still remember the first day that I was diagnosed… I stood there, next to the elevator that was  crowded with so many people. My mind was racing, was not sure of how i would be. Then suddenly this young … Continue reading

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Tedx Calico Canyon Vegas

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